Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weather Rewind, February 5-11, 2012

Last week wasn't as mild as prior weeks -- no 60's in our recap -- but we did get a couple of days with high temperatures above 50 degrees on Monday and Tuesday.  The result ended up being a week where temperatures averaged out to three degrees above average for this time of the year.   Despite the mild days early on in the week, a turn for the more seasonable took place on Wednesday as temperatures dropped to 40 for a high...with high temperatures only getting into the middle 40's on Thursday and Friday before only getting to 38 on Saturday with our spits and fits of snow and drizzle that fell through the day.

We picked up snow twice -- Wednesday afternoon and early evening (0.3" at the Airport) and on Saturday (0.9" in two rounds between the morning and evening).  Our season total is now a whopping four inches on the year, the same as 2001-2002's "non winter" but we are at least we are working ourselves out of the top five snowless winters (just need another two tenths of an inch to do the trick).

Despite the cold surge that's accompanying the East today and tomorrow, temperatures for February will continue to average quite a bit above average.  The only reason cool spots this month are in the Rockies and in the high deserts of the Southwest...and even there temperature departures are rather modest so far this month.  Minneapolis through yesterday averaged 8.1 degrees above for a "normal" February while Philadelphia is 5.6 above through yesterday.   The "winter" of 2011-2012 continues to wimp along despite occasional fits from the north.