Saturday, February 04, 2012

Weather Rewind, January 29-February 4 2012

Last week was quite warm in Philadelphia -- averaged just under ten degrees above average for the week (9.9 to be exact).  The temperature curve for the week was a roller coaster -- going from 40's and a blast of snow showers on Sunday night and early Monday as a clipper front crossed the region to the 60's just 48 hours later, followed by upper 60's in some parts of the region on Wednesday as the warmth reached an apex.   The latter stages of the weak featured a return to reality as temperatures dropped back into the 40's on Friday and Saturday, with light snow shooting across parts of the region thanks to an area of low pressure scooting by to our south.

Precipitation for the week was rather modest -- through Saturday evening just 0.02" of rain fell -- that was with showers in association with the front on Wednesday morning.  Traces of snow fell on Sunday night with a clipper front and also Saturday evening to the south and southwest of the city.

Going back over a hundred years, we've had twelve instances where Philadelphia has not had three inches of snow total by the end of January (this year marks the 12th).    The average year after January 31st in those eleven other years picks up 7.3" of snow and in 1972-1973, didn't pick up any!   What is crazy about the statistics below is that three of the eleven years featured double digit snowfall the remainder of the cold season, including the second half of the winter of '07 (which was particularly harsh from a temperature and sleet standpoint).   Also included, the winter of 1914 (several minor to moderate storms in February and March) and the winter of '93 (Superstorm).   Outside of those three, however, the pickings are slim to almost none.