Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winds of Reality

Calendar reality says today is February 26th.  Yesterday felt very March-like...damp and raw for many despite a tease of Spring just a hundred plus miles away. Severe thunderstorms went through Maryland and Southern Delaware and temperatures approached 80 briefly in the Delmarva and reached the 80's in Richmond.  Here, raw and in the 40's until the wind front blew through after 9 PM.  Winds gusted to nearly 40 miles per hour last night in Philly and similar gusts are expected today.  Wind advisories remain out until 7 PM this evening.

Sky-wise, conditions range from clear from Philly on southeast to variably cloudy northwest.  We'll see a mix of clouds and sun through the day today, with more sun south and east of Philadelphia and more clouds north and west.  Lake-effect flurries have nudged from time to time into Central Pennsylvania and one cannot rule out a stray flurry or two in the outer edges of the northwest burbs or the Lehigh Valley, especially this morning.

Temperatures today will top out in the 40's for most...45 or so northwest of Philly and in the upper 40's for the city and southeast.  It won't be terribly chilly but with gusty winds that could reach 40 miles per hour or higher, there will be a definite bite in the air later on today.