Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bottoming Out On The Cool Coaster

Yesterday's daytime readings in the lower and middle 50's definitely felt cooler when a 20 mile per hour wind was whipping through the region.  We're going to take that chill and kick it up one more notch on the refrigeration aspect while bringing down the wind a little bit in the process today.  We're starting off around or just below freezing in much of the region this morning -- generally 27-32 for many of you.  Temperatures this afternoon will nudge to around 45 with mostly sunny skies but resumption of breezes from yesterday.  Expect northwest breezes at 10-16 mph...down a bit from yesterday...but enough to make it feel a bit cooler than it really is outside.  

Skies today will generally range from sunny this morning to a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon.   No rogue flurries or snow showers sneaking by to our north today as the airmass is quite dry.

Today marks the bottom of the temperature roller coaster as we warm quickly tomorrow towards 60 degrees.   Today likely shapes up as the coldest day for the next two weeks and perhaps for longer than that, with some of the computer modeling out there suggesting that high temperatures by Tuesday flirt with 70 and perhaps hang consistently near 70 by the end of next week.