Friday, March 02, 2012

Bouncing From Flurries To Spring Flings

After tomorrow morning's storm system moves through the region, cooler air will gradually filter on in. It's a step down process as temperatures will drop to near 50 on Sunday but will cool further on Monday as an upper level disturbance zips through the region early in the day Monday.  This upper level disturbance will help fire up some low pressure in the Atlantic that will push east and away from the coast but that associated energy will produce snow showers and flurries around parts of the region on Sunday night into Monday across parts of the region.  Some spots *could* see a coating of snow -- again, mainly higher elevations that typically do better in these type of events.  Most of us probably just end up seeing a few flurries floating around and will enjoy the "flizzard" that ensues.

Monday is probably going to be the coolest day of the next several -- temperatures will get into the lower 40's but it's not going to feel all that great with clouds and northwesterly breezes reminding us that it's not quite fully "warm season" time.  By Wednesday, that begins to change as the high that brings the chill moves off the coast and southwest breezes set up shop.  Temperatures aloft will be pretty mild, especially by the time we get to Thursday.  Assuming the Euro depiction is right, widespread 60's look possible.  If you like warmth in March, Thursday and Friday could be days for you to enjoy.

The general theme for March is for us to stay mild through the month, on average...the question is how mild of course.  Most of the long range modeling suggests the first half of the month averages a few degrees above average but there's less certainty about the second half of the month maintaining a general mild theme...we might see some of the warmth suppress a bit.   However, the next seven days will see us bounce between Spring, flirtations with late Winter, and back into Spring.