Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breezy Again, Cooler Temps On Tap

Despite a cold front pushing through the region overnight, temperatures jumped earlier overnight as west and northwest breezes mixed up some of yesterday's 70+ degree air in Western and Central Pennsylvania through the region.  We didn't get that warm earlier overnight but temperatures did spike into the middle 60's for a time and now we're starting to trend back lower.  Temperatures will drop back into the 50's (or towards 50 to our north) over the next few hours before the sun works its magic.

We should see temperatures bottom out in the mid morning hours and then nudge slowly higher this afternoon.  It wouldn't surprise to see upper 50's north, around 60 or so in the city, and 60-62 south of the city for daytime high temperatures.  However, with north and northwest winds at 12-20 miles per hour, combined with higher gusts, and it will feel cooler out later on today.

Sky cover will vary -- more sun should be expected south of the city, a bit more cloudiness to the north and west of I-95 thanks to the advance of cooler air into the region.  One also can't rule out a sprinkle or shower north of a Mount Pocono-Belmar line as a few showers in Upstate New York are pushing southeast early this morning.

A colder night is on tap again for the region, with freeze warnings out for suburban counties outside of the immediate I-95/I-295 corridor along the river (the blue shaded counties on the map graphic above).  Lows could flirt with or dip below freezing outside of the city, particularly in the more traditionally colder spots.