Saturday, March 24, 2012

Capturing Mayrch Beauty

Yes, the misspell is intentional.   I had the sheer luck and a total of twenty seconds of free time to snap a couple of photos with the trusty Droid yesterday, first heading out the door to the car and then later on in the day as I was out on business.   The early morning photo (below) shows the sun working its magic on the fog...found it a neat shot because the sun was just beginning to do a number on the fog layer in the atmosphere and shining through the trees.  

What's been remarkable around here is how early the annual green up has been.  We're "typically" due for green up between April 5 and 15, earlier in the city, later in the northern burbs.  As you probably know, the green up depends usually on when we can get a nice stretch of sunshine and mild weather but historically since I've moved here we have greened up and flowered out pretty much within that time frame.  The big exception was 2007, which was a bit later because of the relatively cold and rainy first half of April we battled and slogged through.  

Not having lived in the region prior to 2001, I can't speak for the green up in '90 or '95 (the last two years where we had this type of warmth in mid March) but I would have to think the green up this year is pretty close to 1990's in terms of how early it has been.   The above photo was captured on the Main Line yesterday afternoon.  

Of course, all the flowering and greening up that's taking place out there is leading to some rather high pollen counts already around the region, with that projection of high pollen likely to continue into early next week despite some rain washing things out (a little bit) later today through early tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see how Monday night's probable frost and possible freeze play out on the flowering trees...hopefully, we don't get as cold as some of the modeling is hinting (20's for most, 30's probably in the city) the early flower show we're getting and would hate to see it halt and more important, would hate to see any fruit crops get impacted significantly by the potential of a frost or freeze.