Saturday, March 03, 2012

Early Fog Breaks Up, Winds Increase Later

A dense fog advisory is out until 10 AM this morning for Southeast Pennsylvania and New Castle County as last night's rains have helped in the development of a shroud of low clouds and fog across the immediate region.  Visibility levels are down to under a half mile across much of the Delaware Valley's northern and western suburbs as of 6 AM, with fog likely to persist until mid to late morning.

Last night's showers and storms have generally moved off the coast, with a second wave passing to our south that will spread some showers into the region between now and 10 AM.  Once that pushes through, the frontal boundary with the storm system should push slowly off of the coast by midday, with winds picking up from the west and increasing to between 15 and 25 miles per hour, with higher gusts.  The front is generally between Altoona and State College as of 6 AM and moving east.

Rainfall totals with last night's rains yielded anywhere between a quarter inch in many spots to a few isolated totals that exceed an inch and a half -- generally around Millville over towards Atlantic City.  Thunder was around last night south of town...not so much north of Philly.

Skies will gradually brighten and some sun is likely for a time in the midday and early afternoon hours.  Temperatures will probably respond in kind, jumping into the 55-60 range from Philly on northwest, with low 60's south of the city for a time in the midday hours.   Clouds may start to increase from the southwest towards dinner time as a disturbance rides the frontal boundary in the Atlantic overnight into Sunday.  This may throw a period of rain back towards the South Jersey and Delaware coasts but the vast majority of precipitation should stay in the Atlantic.