Friday, March 30, 2012

Fading To Gray

Despite freeze warnings out for many this morning, temperatures only dropped below the freezing mark in the Pinelands overnight.  Temperatures have luckily stayed up for much of the region (generally in the mid and upper 30's) despite clear skies and a relative lack of wind.  That little bit of breeze has probably been enough of a saving grace to keep temperatures up across Southeastern Pennsylvania overnight.   We will see a good deal of sunshine to start Friday, with much lighter winds to boot.  However, a storm system in the Ohio Valley is marching east and clouds will speed into the region as we approach midday and this afternoon.

This system contains two pieces -- the first is a quasi warm front that extends across Indiana and Ohio this morning, which may work into parts of the region later this afternoon from the west with a shower or two not out of the question.  The main brunt of this storm system is back in Wisconsin and Illinois and will move through the region tonight with rainfall for much of the region.   Assuming the first piece of this system moves in this afternoon, a stray shower or two can't be ruled out along and south of the PA Turnpike after midday.  I don't expect an all afternoon washout and I don't have the rain chance in the forecast because the odds of any showers aren't that high since our airmass is dry and needs a good bit of moistening, which these showers will try to do.  It'll probably take until the main batch farther west crosses in for things to fully get going.

As for temperatures today, expect highs in the mid and upper 50's throughout the region -- with Philadelphia going for a high of 57.

Rains tonight should total between a quarter and a half inch, with the highest totals north of the city.   Despite rain generally ending early in the day on Saturday lingering low clouds and a northeast breeze will result in a less-than-desirable Saturday as temperatures will struggle to get much past 50 for a high.   March isn't really going out like a full blown lion...more like a damp, chilly kitten.