Saturday, March 17, 2012

Forecast for Sunday, March 18, 2012

With an onshore flow persisting, low clouds will once again overspread the area from east to west. The fog line will creep inland, but it should have success in overtaking much of the same areas that were locked in the fog earlier Saturday. Areas of dense fog are anticipated, especially in Delaware and Eastern New Jersey. Fog will persist into Sunday Morning, with it burning off rapidly after 10 a.m.

Temperatures on Sunday will be dependent on accuracy with our fog burning off around mid-morning. Should the fog have difficulty leaving us and persist, temperatures will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler than currently forecast. Today, we were able to exceed 70 degrees after the fog burned off around 10 a.m. For now, we will forecast a high of 70 for Sunday.

It should be noted that fog and wind direction will locally impact temperatures down towards Cape May with highs in the 50s on both days.

After another round of afternoon sunshine, more clouds and fog are anticipated Sunday Night into Monday Morning. Some fog could be dense, especially east of Philadelphia. A weak cold front sliding through the region could bring showers and an isolated thunderstorm later Monday into Tuesday Morning. For now, I will continue to forecast highs in the lower seventies for Monday….but our forecast tomorrow may need to consider fog lingering into the mid and late morning hours resulting in cooler temperatures in some areas.

Despite a cold front moving through early on Tuesday, the weather pattern will be far from cooler after the passage of the front. The warmest temperatures yet of this well above average period we have been experiencing are quite possible should any back door cold fronts stay away. Temperatures in the mid to upper seventies, with isolated 80 degree readings are likely. It is hard for me to insert “80” temperatures which are some 20-30 degrees above the average high this far out, so for now I will cap things in the upper seventies. Fire danger will be enhanced under rather dry conditions during this period and not much appreciable rain prior to this period is anticipated.