Saturday, March 24, 2012

Forecast for Sunday, March 25, 2012

Occasional showers and thunderstorms are likely tonight into the overnight hours. When it is not raining, abundant moisture will be present in lower levels with light winds to promote the development of areas of fog. The best chance of t-storms will be across Eastern NJ early tonight.

Sunday will be mostly overcast with areas of fog in the morning. There will be occasional showers and drizzle, and possibly an isolated thunderstorm. The thunderstorm chance and even most of the showers should occur during the early part of the day. Gradual clearing is possible right as the sun begins to set.

A cold front on Monday could bring a brief period of clouds, but the greatest threat is the potential for strong wind gusts past 40 MPH in some locations. Temperatures will also be cooler than the past week and Monday Night will be a chilly night.
On Tuesday, we could potentially wake up with frost and/ or freezing conditions in some parts of the area. This could be a major issue for the blossoming fruit trees and other vegetation that developed prematurely in the record warmth. Even in northern areas, fruit trees have begun to blossom.

A warm front on Wednesday could bring the potential for a round of rain or rain showers. A cold front Wednesday Night will bring showers and possible thunderstorms. If the warm front makes good progress through our area, then there would be a greater risk for thunderstorms.