Monday, March 26, 2012

Freeze Warnings Tonight

It's a bit unusual to have freeze warnings out in March in Philadelphia but the unusual warmth of last week helped to green our region up a few weeks ahead of schedule. The result is that flowering fruit trees and your early flowering gardens are at risk of getting nipped in the buds with some middle and upper 20 degree low temperatures tonight. Freeze warnings are out for the Delaware Valley, Lehigh Valley, South Jersey, and Delaware.

Getting freezing temperatures in late March is not unusual -- our average low in Philly for today is 37 degrees so a low of 31, 32 is just a few degrees below the norm...nothing out of sorts.   Heck, the low last year was 27 degrees on this date.

If you can, bring plants that are outdoors inside.  However, if you can't do that, here are some tips to help you out tonight.

The good news is that the freeze is a one night, one shot ordeal (as of now) although we could have another frost on Friday night in the outer suburbs.   Temperatures don't look as cold for the duration of the week although tomorrow night's lows (30's), as well as those on Thursday and Friday nights won't be all that mild (30's as well for many outside of the city).   That said, if you haven't planted or thought of planting...hold off.  It's simply a bit too early yet!