Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Frosty Start But Bright Sun Ahead

 Clear, crisp conditions start the day across the Delaware Valley.  Temperatures range from the lower 20's in the coolest of suburbs to the upper 20's along I-95 this morning.  The frosty, chilled start is thanks to high pressure that's building in overhead today.  This high will slowly move through the region and bring us a pretty nice day on the whole, with mostly sunny skies and a passing of a few fair-weather high clouds zipping past as warmer air begins to nudge in aloft this afternoon.

Temperatures will get into the middle 40's this afternoon pretty much everywhere and there is no flurry threat around today as the atmospheric instability of the past couple of days has departed and the airmass is much more stable.   While today starts chilly and even frosty, the weather will take a turn for the much milder on Wednesday and Thursday as the high moves off the coast and southwest winds push warmth northeastward.  60+ is not out of the question tomorrow afternoon and upper 60's look realistic on Thursday.  Of course, the party can't last as a cold front is about to crash it on Friday, bringing showers on Friday and cooler weather for the weekend.  However, it will be a welcome (and yet another) tease of Spring.