Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting Out Of A Fog

Another morning where we're in a fog, literally, as another shroud of thick fog has rolled back in off the Atlantic.  With light winds aloft and at the surface, the temperature difference between our warm surface and the cooler ocean is providing the perfect environs for fog development.  Fog advisories are out until 9 AM for almost all of us, except the Lehigh Valley and Poconos, as visibility levels are down to a quarter to half mile in many locations.

Today's fog should (hopefully) burn off a bit more quickly as the lower and mid level "wind" trajectory is a bit more southwest and west compared to yesterday.  This should get the fog burn off to take place between 9 and Noon.   The faster the burn off, the quicker the temperature jump...and while we talked up the potential of 80 degrees locally for a high it's going to come down to a fast burning off of the fog/low cloud layer for that to take place.   Knowing that the fog burn off has been fickle in being predicted...and every day has been an adventure in pinning down timing with it, erring on the side of caution seems more prudent than not.  We should make a run at 80...probably come up short in most spots...but get darn close.  Expect a lot of upper 70's this afternoon for highs with a mix of sun and clouds.

Today's record high is 80 -- tomorrow's is 78 -- and tomorrow may ultimately serve the best chance for the city to ding the record but even that may be tempered as a back door cool front will slide through the region over the course of the day and set up an east breeze in the afternoon.

In either case, "typical" mid March weather says highs in the mid 50's...not upper 70' we're still in rarefied air regardless of record or not.