Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Less Of A Wind Tunnel Today

We're off to a cold start around the region this morning -- temperatures are generally in the 30's in many locations, with 20's in a few of the colder towns to the city's north.  Philadelphia (Airport) has not dropped below freezing although Northeast Philly reached 32 at 5 AM.  We will probably have three to four hours in the immediate suburbs of near or below freezing readings, a bit longer outside of the immediate suburbs and city.   The chilled start will give way to a pretty decent afternoon -- temperatures will warm with the March sun and with less cold wind blowing into the region today.  Winds start out in the 10-20 mph range this morning, with some higher gusts, diminishing to under 10 miles per hour by later this afternoon.

Red flag warnings are up in New Jersey for an enhanced brush fire threat  until 4 PM this afternoon. As winds slacken off, the threat for brush fires will diminish markedly after midday.

Some high clouds will move overhead towards sunset, resulting in a potentially pretty sunset this evening.  Those high clouds are in association with warmer air moving back in aloft.  Temperatures will top out this afternoon between 50 and 54 in many locations, with Philly get to 53 for a high today.