Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 15th, 2012 Forecast

Aw...the ides of March.  Thankfully no ice in sight but with an Atlantic Ocean that's running in the upper 40's and lower 50's, the potential for a cool sea breeze to do a little takeover of our weather.  That sorta happens tomorrow for some of us as clouds increase, east and southeast breezes nudge up, and the influence of the ocean begins to make itself known across the region.   Those east and southeast breezes are in association with retreating high pressure that allows a low to move through on Friday with showers.   The result is that temperatures tomorrow take a step back, especially east of the city, with clouds increasing in advance of the storm system.

Tonight will feature clear and calm conditions -- lows generally in the 40's in the coolest of burbs to our north and east, 50's in the city and along I-95.   Clouds take over as the day progresses tomorrow, with slightly cooler temperatures the result.

Highs will range from the upper 50's at the Shore (midday highs, temperatures will drop back in the afternoon along the coast) to the 60's across New Jersey.  Around the city, 70 for an early afternoon high is not out of the question -- we might start falling a bit towards dinner as the advancing sea breeze reaches the city.  West of the city, despite less overall sunshine, you're going to deal with residual warmth and probably get to around 70 degrees give or take a couple of degrees on either side.  

Showers are possible Thursday night, a steadier round of showers with perhaps a rumble of thunder are in the forecast for Friday.  Friday looks to be relatively cool, especially north and east of the city, with highs that struggle to reach 60 in Philadelphia.  We nudged our forecast a touch higher but there's a good bit of uncertainty on where a warm front in association with Friday's storm system ends up setting up -- climatology says south of city, a couple of optimistic computer models want to send the front through.  For now, we'll side slightly with climatology.