Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 22nd, 2012 Forecast

High pressure continues to hold steady along the East Coast, but is moving into a prime position to not only keep us warm, but to mitigate some of the fogginess we've dealt with the past few mornings.  Atmospheric flow in the lower levels is becoming more southwesterly over the next day or two as the high moves into the Carolinas, allowing temperatures to not only stay warm but also giving us less fog both tomorrow and Friday mornings.  That said, there will be some fog around overnight tonight -- generally along the Jersey and Delaware coastlines -- but it should not be as widespread nor as dense.  Fingers crossed on that.  At worst, there could be some patchy dense fog into Philly or Southeast PA late tonight.

If the lack of fog that looks like it's in the forecast does indeed happen, we should approach or hit 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon along I-95 and in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  The record in Philly tomorrow is 80 so we have a respectable shot of tying or perhaps nudging past the mark.  Winds generally will be west-southwest (although light) and with high pressure to our south, the atmospheric wind trajectory will be  west-southwest as well -- a prime component in helping us warm a good deal.  The only exceptions will be at the Shore -- generally 60's for highs tomorrow near the coast.  Still nice, just not really warm.

A backdoor cool front will slide through the region on Friday from north to south, putting an end to the party of warmth as the upper level ridge of high pressure finally caves due to the approach of the Midwest storm system that impacts us with rain this weekend.  Assuming the front crosses the region during the afternoon, Philly should reach 80 or the lower 80's for a few hours before the sea breeze works in and temperatures begin to back off towards sunset.  The Shore's temperatures will drop first -- probably into the 50's -- with the sea breeze marching westward through the mid and late afternoon on Friday.  It's going to be a cooler weekend with rain moving in Saturday afternoon, lingering through Sunday with some thunder at times.