Monday, March 05, 2012

March 6th, 2012 Forecast

We could be seeing the last gasps of winter Monday as flurries fall throughout the area with near average temperatures.  While usually near-average temperatures may not be noteworthy, this season it seems like it might just be.  Tonight will continue to be cold with northwest winds keeping a slight chance of scattered flurries throughout the area, especially north and west of the city.  By daybreak tomorrow, the light snow showers will move out of the area and winds will start to shift to the west and southwest, helping to boost our temperatures for the next few days.

By Wednesday, temperatures will be flirting with the 60-degree mark under brilliant sunshine.  Those westerly winds will still prevail into Thursday with most temperatures in the upper 60's and may touch the 70-degree mark in a few locations.  However, Thursday will see some increasing clouds and by the evening into the night, showers will start to move in.  Early morning hours on Friday, some towns could hear a rumble of thunder as this system will have a decent amount of energy with it, however, nothing like the outbreak this past week.

Showers will mostly end by Friday around noon, however a lingering shower could stick around in some isolated locations.  Friday will otherwise be mostly cloudy and just a damp, but warm, day in general.  By next weekend, it will be cooler, but not as cold as this past weekend with highs in the mid- to upper- 50's and lows ranging from the mid-30's to lower 40s.  There still might be an isolated shower Saturday morning, but it certainly isn't anything to clear a schedule for or ruin the whole day.  By the start of the next workweek, temperatures will be bumping back up into the upper 50's to near 60-degrees again.