Thursday, March 08, 2012

March 9th, 2012 Forecast

Our fling of Spring will take a hiatus tomorrow and Saturday thanks to the impending passage of a cold front that's to our west today.  This front has a band of showers along with it that will push through after 10 PM tonight and will bring some cooler air in its wake.  It won't be a return to full blown winter but high temperatures that are more "typical" of early March are expected as opposed to highs more typical of early May.  For those longing for more days of such warmth as today's, next week should take scratch that itch quite nicely.

Showers may be accompanied with some thunder as they cross the region overnight -- we're not anticipating anything nasty in terms of weather but a tenth to perhaps a quarter of an inch of rain is possible as this rain moves through.  Most of it should be out of the city by 3 or 4 AM although a lingering shower could hang out in South Jersey until the Friday rush hour.

Friday will be cooler, with a west-northwest breeze and a mix of sunshine and clouds through the day.  Temperatures will be about 15 to 20 degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon than this afternoon and it's quite possible that the "official" high for Friday occurs at Midnight as opposed to 3 or 4 PM in the afternoon.  Despite the drop in temperatures, most locations from Philly on southeast will get back into the 50's in the afternoon, with upper 40's a reasonable bet northwest of the city.  

Weekend Sneak Peek:  This weekend will be rather nice but will feature a coolish Saturday as highs struggle to get into the middle and upper 40's across the region.  Sunday will feature a milder afternoon as high pressure moves off the coast and we see that mild march of air from the South return to the Northeast.  Highs on Sunday could approach or reach 60 in the city and at least get into the upper 50's just about everywhere.   Milder air awaits for next week -- and we could see another run at 70 by midweek.