Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Warmth Continues Today

If you enjoyed the weather yesterday, you will enjoy it again today. The high on Tuesday in Philadelphia was 76 degrees, and we should be close to that number again today. The only reason I am forecasting 2 degrees cooler at 74 degrees is because of the northwest winds. Tuesday's winds were from the southwest, pumping in warm air from the Gulf of Mexico. Today's winds will be cooler winds, but with plenty of sunshine, mid-70s is still very likely.

Tomorrow will be a touch cooler in the upper 60s, so if you are a fan of warm weather like myself, get out on your lunch break today as temperatures will quickly rise to 69 by noon. By the time you get out of work at 5 PM, we should reach our high of 74 degrees in Philadelphia. Despite the warmth, we will be nowhere near today's record high of 85 degrees, set back in 1990.