Thursday, March 01, 2012

Marching Mildly Into March

Today is the ultimate "location, location, location" kinda day.  If you're in Delaware, you might hit 70 degrees south of Dover this afternoon.  If you're around Philly, 60 is within reach but we might end up a few degrees short of it.  North of town will feature a steady decline in temperature and weather quality...50 is a reasonable bet in Allentown but low 40's might be all that can be coaxed out of the Poconos this afternoon.  Aw, life in March in the Mid Atlantic!

Last night's rains ended up pushing our final rainfall totals from yesterday to 1.03" in Philadelphia, tying a record for rainiest leap day from 1968.  A lot of other places saw close to or just over an inch of rain, which set daily rainfall records in Allentown, Reading, Trenton, and Wilmington (not like the record was really tough in a lot of spots, generally between a half and one inch).   Those rains are out, drizzle and fog are in this morning north of the city with low clouds south of town.  Temperatures this morning vary from the 30's north to low 60's in Southern Delaware.

We'll see clouds gradually break from southwest to northeast through the day, with sunshine breaking out first in Delaware, perhaps as soon as late morning, with clouds slowest to break north of a Trenton-Pottstown-Reading line this afternoon.  Temperatures will be respective of who gets the most sunshine, with the Philadelphia region getting some sun this afternoon and temperatures that will top out around 58 degrees for the afternoon.  However, more sun sooner equals a nicer day and higher highs.

A few more showers are possible this morning with some precip that's in Western PA as of 4:30 AM.  They shouldn't be a big deal nor last too long if they impact us.  Once we get past 10 or 11 AM, shower chances should markedly diminish except across the Poconos or North Jersey, where showers could linger into the afternoon.