Monday, March 26, 2012

More Dry Data

Last weekend's storm system underperformed in the rainfall department locally -- Southwest Virginia and North Carolina would disagree with this assertion for their backyards -- but around here, just a few hundredths to just over a tenth of an inch of rain was about all the storm system delivered in the rainfall department.   Month-to-date, it's been a rather dry run around here as many locations have picked up between a half inch and an inch of rain total.  The exception to this is Atlantic City, who has 1.86" of rain so far this month thanks a more robust soaking of rain and thunder back on March 3rd (1.25" of rain from that event).

The dry March has been part of a trend that's gone back to December, one we outlined last Sunday in some detail.  It's not just us locally that's been under the spell of dry weather -- much of the East Coast has been running below average on rainfall (and snowfall) since the start of 2012.

We're not in a spot to scream "drought" and the odds of you seeing tumbleweeds blowing across your driveway or your backyard are still remote, but we could use a bit more than a tenth or two of an inch of rain in the next few weeks.  Year-to-date, most of us are running at just over half of annual normal rainfall, with Atlantic City the "wet" spot at 70%.   Everyone else in our neck of the woods is generally in the 50-65% range...which backs up the assertion that it's been generally dry and certainly stats that suggest a nice, slow, steady rainfall would be gladly welcome.

It is  slightly drier in parts of Southeastern New England year-to-date....Boston is running 47% of normal since January 1st (many other locations are similar -- 50-60% of normal).   It might not have been as tough to notice the lack of rain this winter given last August and September, which left many a backyard a quagmire of mud and muck going into winter.  As day length and sun angle continues to increase, those soils will continue to gradually dry out.

Don't consider this a rain dance of any sort...we certainly don't need another August or September...normalcy wouldn't be bad though!