Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rinse & Repeat Weather

It's a very similar start to the day today to yesterday with fog, low clouds, and some spots of drizzle at the Shore as the marine layer has nudged back inland for its nightly visit in this pattern.  Temperatures are starting off rather mild -- mid 50's at the Shore, upper 50's across the Philly metro, a few 60-61 degree readings interspersed throughout the region for good measure.  The morning is rather May-like, the humidity a bit summer-like, with the reality of a day similar to yesterday on tap again for the region.

Fog advisories are out until 10 for South Jersey and Delaware but thankfully fog is not as widespread as last night (cloud deck in place instead).  We should see fog and low clouds transition to sunshine over the latter morning hours, like yesterday, with the afternoon generally featuring a 50/50 mix of sun and clouds that may go mostly sunny for a time later in the day.  With dew point values as moist as they are, it will feel a bit humid for those of us with lower tolerance to humidity.  Expect high temperatures in the 60's at the Shore, 70's west of the Parkway in Jersey.  Philly should get to about 75 or even warmer if the fog burns off quick enough.

In terms of records today, the places where the most harm to a record high can be accomplished are Allentown (74), Atlantic City (72...may be nudged), and Mount Pocono (70).  Philly's record high is 85 -- likely not to be broken today.