Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tip o' Cap to Ireland This Morning

Lots of fog out and about this morning -- it feels very much like the Emerald Isle this morning on St. Patrick's Day as low clouds and fog are holding tight throughout the region as the sun rises in the sky.  Temperatures are in the 40's in many spots -- a few upper 30's in the coolest environs in New Jersey.   Dense fog advisories are out at the Shore and in Delaware as visibility levels are below a mile through much of the region.  Fog will hold tight through 10 or 11 AM before lifting, giving way to sunshine throughout most of the region later on today.  The exception to this is the Shore and most locations within 15 miles of the coast, which will deal with the marine influence from the Atlantic longest.

As with the past couple of days, the temperature forecast is a bit tricky but uncertainty is lower today as the east flow in the atmosphere is not as established and we should see a bit more sunshine than yesterday.  Temperatures west of the Delaware River should get into the middle and upper 60's this afternoon -- we're pegging 68  for Philadelphia.  Some locations could reach 70 in Southeast Pennsylvania late in the day.  East of the river, lower and middle 60's will be common to about 15 miles from the coast, where 50's will be the "best" we can do this afternoon.  Winds will be light but will be coming in off of the cool Atlantic again, helping to contribute to another round of fog and lower clouds later on tonight and tomorrow morning.