Sunday, March 04, 2012

Weather Rewind: February 26-March 3, 2012

Temperatures last week averaged 5.6 degrees above normal as we transitioned out of meteorological winter and into meteorological spring.  Not that there was much of a winter at all but the few fleeting moments of winter-time chill did at least keep us somewhat honest that it can and does get cold.

Last week's temperatures cracked 60 on Monday, arguably the nicest afternoon of the week in the region although a strong case could be made that Tuesday wasn't too bad either as skies were mainly sunny around here.  In general, the only real "cool" day in the region was Wednesday -- Leap Day, which happened to be the rainiest day of the week as an inch of rain fell in Philadelphia.   We picked up rain each day from Wednesday through Saturday although Thursday was the tail end of Wednesday's event and Friday was the front end of the early Saturday morning event.   Rainfall in the Saturday event varied quite a bit, with some spots picked up over an inch in heavier thunderstorms in South Jersey and Delaware.

Winter's precipitation was generally below average across the Mid Atlantic as the main storm track this winter stayed to our west.  The winners in the storm parade this winter were two tracks -- one from Minnesota southwest to Kansas, a second from Buffalo southwest to Texas -- both "tracks" were the predominant storm track paths for systems this winter