Friday, April 13, 2012

April 14th, 2012 Forecast

After a few days with spotty showers and cool temperatures, a major swing is in the works as the central part of the country is preparing for a major severe weather outbreak tomorrow and into Sunday.  While weather around here will be fairly tame, some places could crack the 90-degree mark early next week.

Tonight, skies will continue to be mostly clear.  The recent wind shift helps keep temperatures warmer and comfortable tonight.  After reaching the 60's on Friday, We can expect to keep the warming trend and reach the lower to middle 70's on Saturday.  It will be breezy tomorrow, and with that, we might expect to see the return of Red Flag Warnings, as the National Weather Service has already highlighted the enhances fire risk associated with the warm dry weather.  Going into Saturday night, there is a chance of showers.  With these being light and isolated, there isn't near enough to help with the dry conditions, however any little bit helps.

Sunday will see temperatures in the lower to mid-80's with more of the brilliant, spring-time sunshine.  Monday will be very warm.  With each model run, temperatures keep bumping closer to that 90-degree mark, and there are some places that could reach 90-degrees.  The heat doesn't stick around too long, with Tuesday back down to 80-degrees, with more clouds building throughout the day.

The big weather-changer occurs Tuesday night into Wednesday.  As a system moves in, we will see enough instability to give us a chance of thunderstorms on Wednesday, however, showers will start on Tuesday night, of the light variety.  Temperatures will fall back down to the mid-60's.  Thursday will feature clearing but by the end of the day, we'll see that sun out.  Friday will stick with the same, mid-60's and partly sunny skies.