Wednesday, April 04, 2012

April 5th, 2012 Forecast

After a fairly tranquil day Tuesday and today, the rest of the work week and into the week look calm and filled with sunshine. Winds today were gusty at times, and they should taper off into the overnight tonight.

Tonight, temperatures will drop into the mid-40's to upper 30's.  Some patchy frost may form in the upper reaches of the Lehigh Valley but with a northerly wind, it'll be hard pressed to form.  Tomorrow, the sun returns but so does our average temperature.  Temperatures in the metro will hover around the 60-degree range with a north wind, thanks to a strong high pressure coming down from Canada.

The start of the weekend - and the weekend itself, for that matter - looks to be a typical spring weekend.  Temperatures in the lower to mid-60's with lows in the mid-30's to mid-40's.  The start of the next workweek sees a low pressure moving in, bringing showers and much cooler temperatures, starting Tuesday.  Showers may actually persist in a scattered manor all next week as the low is actually forecasted to retrograde back into the area after initially moving off.  Temperatures may actually turn to below normal late next week.  However, long range models see a warm up coming as well.