Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cool Start But Awesome Weather Ahead

Simply put, today's shaping up as a pretty awesome day once the sun works its magic on the region and warms us up.  We're off to a varied start in temperatures, with 40's along I-95, 30's in many suburban areas, and 20's in the usual cool spots like Quakertown (28 at 4 AM) and Millville (29).   Some areas will have some frost on the car going out the door while the city and I-95 corridor should skate through tonight without any frost issues.

While today will still be breezy, with northwest winds at 10-16 miles per hour for much of the day, there will be a lot less cool push around as a cool front will be lining up to track through the region early tomorrow morning.  The mid levels of the atmosphere will be warming today ahead of this front and that, in turn, should transpire to a milder day around the region.  Highs won't be unseasonably warm but it will certainly be a nice afternoon -- 67 is our call for the city and many locations should get into the 65-68 range for their high.

Shower chances tonight look rather slim as the incoming front lacks much in the way of dynamics and moisture.  We will have clouds and a milder night than this past one.