Friday, April 06, 2012

Crisp Start, Breezy Much of Today

It's a cool if not crisp morning around the region as everyone is generally in the 30's -- the only subfreezing temperatures in the region are in Quakertown and farther north over the Poconos and Northwest Jersey.  Today's weather will be a slightly breezier version of yesterday, with a bit more sunshine south of town as yesterday's high clouds will not be around.   Low pressure in the Atlantic, high pressure over Central Ontario, and the difference between the two will help set up a northerly and northwesterly wind that will increase through the day.   Sustained winds could crack 20 miles per hour at times, gusts could reach over 30.  With the dry conditions in place around the region the potential for grass and brush fires exists this afternoon throughout the Delaware Valley.

The cool winds won't do much to keep temperatures lower -- we should approach 60 in most places this afternoon, much like yesterday, and that's despite temperatures that are a few degrees lower this morning out the door.  It is April and with near wall-to-wall sunshine for nearly 13 hours temperatures will be able to respond despite the cool pattern in place.

Tonight will pan out as cool and crisp again -- lows in the 30's for many, with the potential for more frost or freeze conditions in areas outside of the city.