Saturday, April 21, 2012

Enjoying The Last Warm Day For A While

The green scene around the region is probably more akin to the early stages of May than the mid and late stages of April...but green growth throughout the Delaware Valley has everywhere sniffing and sneezing, but also has me out hiking on a near 80 degree afternoon to enjoy the last warm day we'll have around here for a little while.

My hike today took me to Black Rock Sanctuary, located in Phoenixville along Route 113 right before you cross the Schuylkill River into Montgomery County as you leave the town.  It's a nice 120 acre preserve for natural habitat just above the Black Rock Dam along the river.   The park features a loop trail that's about three-quarters of a mile in length and provides nice views of wetlands within the park as well as the river.   Considering it wasn't going to be much nicer than this on April 21st, I had to get out and move around a bit...take in the pollen and enjoy the afternoon.