Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Expanding Dry Island

With apologies to Flyer head coach Peter Laviolette and his well-publicized "dry island" in an attempt to curtail Mike Richards and Jeff Carter and their post-game festivities, the Delaware Valley has been in an increasing dry island of sorts as of late.

Even if this weekend's publicized and well-hyped rains do end up materializing, they will help dampen but not eliminate the growing dry island known as the East Coast.  Much of the Northeast and Mid Atlantic are increasing in dryness and the level of drought based on the NOAA/University of Nebraska Drought Monitor is increasing as well.

The current drought monitor maps were issued this morning, showing 60% of Pennsylvania in some stage of abnormally dry conditions...up from 48% last week.  New Jersey and Delaware saw no change in their dry island status from last week to this as both states are in some stage of drought -- whether it be classified as moderate (New Jersey) or severe (southern 78% of Delaware).

Steady rains will help limit the status of drought and knock the dryness back a notch, especially in Delaware.  However, if the potential trend of a New England hit and a local miss from this weekend's storm system ends up materializing, the dry trend will continue.