Saturday, April 28, 2012

Forecast for Sunday, April 29, 2012

It will be mostly cloudy this evening and tonight. There is a chance for rain showers. Clouds and showers will end early on Sunday Morning. Drier air should move in rapidly (not dry enough to preclude frost) and clearing will take place before dawn north and west of Philadelphia. If the clearing can happen fast enough before dawn, temperatures may dip down close to the 32 to 39 degree range. This will allow for some patchy freezing temperatures and some scattered areas of frost. Canadian High Pressure will become established across our area on Sunday Afternoon and Sunday Night. Clear skies will be likely and therefore ideal raditional cooling will occur. Another round of freezing temperatures is likely along with areas of frost, only this should be more widespread. With the vegetation in a late spring phase due to the unseasonable warmth we may have some agricultural issues with the various fruit trees in the region.

A weak cold front on Tuesday will move southward, before stalling and coming back north as a warm front. It could take several days to clear the warm front or it may never clear our region completely. There is a large spread on the computer guidance regarding the front and ultimately how fast it moves north. Tuesday through Thursday looks unsettled if this front hangs around with waves of showers and thunderstorms. On Friday, a cold front is expected to sweep the warm front out of here, but the cold front may bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms. The warm sector of the front is fair game for severe thunderstorms. There could be a large difference in temperatures from north to south. This is the time frame where a temperature bust may occur.