Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heading Into The Evening

You can track tonight's rainfall at our current weather page.

Through 5 PM rainfall totals are generally in the half inch and higher range for most of the Delaware Valley, with the heaviest rainfall total so far at Wildwood at just over an inch.  Lighter totals have fallen up towards Reading and out into Central Pennsylvania but even there rainfall is picking up as the brunt of the coastal storm lifts northeast.  Rainfall is steady in and around Philadelphia -- heavier down towards the Jersey Shore, and quite heavy down off of the Delaware coastline.  All of this is pushing northward as the coastal storm continues to push northward up the coast.

Philadelphia has picked up 0.58" through 5 PM -- likely to add at least another 1.50" to that total over the next eight hours as the slug of rain across the Delmarva works through.  The heaviest rainfall totals are setting up to fall along the Jersey coastline above LBI...with potentially four inches of rain falling there.  Elsewhere, two inches looks like a safe bet for final totals tonight for most of our region...Reading and points northwest from there might end up shy of two inches in totality by the time the storm tapers off late tonight.

Wind will be an increasing issue as the storm continues to push north and intensify.  Gusts to 50 or higher are likely along the Jersey coastline tonight as the low pushes onshore.

Rain will taper after Midnight from south to north.