Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maybe A Shower South Of City Later

Early morning temperatures throughout the region are pretty mild thanks to clouds in place overhead -- generally in the 50's almost everywhere.  A weak, "reinforcing" cool front is draped just to our south and will serve as a boundary later on for a shield of rain and thunder that is across Virginia early this morning.  That shield of rain/thunder is lifting east-northeast and will weaken somewhat through the day as it moves into a more stable environment.  However, it will have enough "pop" left in it to bring some shower chances south of the city later this afternoon and this evening.

For the rest of us, mostly cloudy to cloudy skies look likely and the day will shape up as nice, but cooler, than past days as there won't be as much sunshine and the influence of more typical April air is overhead.  We will get to around 65 this afternoon in most places, slightly cooler south of town this afternoon with the prospect of showers although you may get close or into the mid 60's before those showers move in.  Winds will start northwest, nudge to the west, generally light in nature at 10 miles per hour or less.

Any shower activity that does fall south of town should be light in nature...generally bringing a few hundredths of an inch to perhaps a tenth of an inch.  Modest in total, it's at least some rain...more will be in the offing this weekend with a larger storm system poised to organize and move up the East Coast.