Friday, April 20, 2012

Patchy Fog To Start, Niceness Ahead

Some patchy fog is out and about this morning across the region but it isn't as thick as yesterday.  They are dealing with some cooler temperatures, especially across the Pinelands where readings are in the lower half of the 40's thanks to a cooler day yesterday and light winds and clear skies for much of the evening.   The low clouds and fog that develop this morning should burn off for everyone by 10 or 11 AM, leaving a sunny sky and a nice day across the Delaware Valley.

Highs will range this afternoon from around 70 at the Shore to the mid 70's across inland areas...a few degrees warmer than yesterday with a couple of extra hours of sun to work with compared to yesterday.  Today shapes up as the last universally nice day for a while as tomorrow's cool front brings thunderstorm chances in the afternoon and evening...with Sunday now looking increasingly wet thanks to the coastal storm's now projected track up the coast ( as opposed to the possible wide right that the GFS was hinting about for a day or so).  More on the Sunday/Monday storm later on this morning.