Monday, April 23, 2012

Rainy Sunday

Rainfall totals from the Sunday portions of our one-two cold front-coastal storm two step totaled over an inch throughout the region, with the lightest rains to our northwest and west, heaviest in New Jersey.  Newark in North Jersey wins the golden umbrella with 2.64" of rain during Sunday's portion of the event...locally, Trenton came in with the highest totals at 2.06".

Rainfall totals in Philadelphia, Allentown, Trenton, and Atlantic City were daily rainfall records that surpassed the rains picked up in a coastal storm on this same date in 2006.   The Wilmington daily record, from that '06 event, was over two inches so no record was set there.

In terms of deficits, yesterday's rains helped catch us up for the month...

...but we're still a ways off for the year.  Rainfall deficits are now a bit closer to zero (except in Reading, which received a pittance of rain compared to Belmar) for the month but are still over four inches year-to-date everywhere but Trenton.   That said, this rain will knock back a fair portion of the East Coast Dry Island and help out farmers, allergy sufferers (most of them, anyways), and gardeners throughout the region.