Saturday, April 07, 2012

Recycled Weather

Much like the past couple of days, we're waking up to 30's in many spots around the region.  Philly does have a 41 degree reading to start the day.   We're in a recycle pattern where days pan out similar to each other and today, like Thursday and Friday, will be very similar.  Lots of sun, a fair bit of breeze, and temperatures that will top out around or just above 60 degrees for just about everyone...the only difference between Thursday and Friday and today is a couple of degrees of extra warmth on the thermometer.

Wind will be a factor again from late morning through the balance of the afternoon. North and northwest breezes at 12-22 miles per hour, occasionally gusting to 30 miles per hour, will result in a taste of cool slapping around against the warmth of the April sunshine.  That said, highs will end fairly close to normal by day's end so it's not all bad.

Heightened risk for grass and brush fires again today thanks to those winds and low humidity levels.  Red flag warnings are out for the entire region.