Thursday, April 26, 2012

Smattering of Showers Ahead

It's not a bad morning from a temperature standpoint -- we're several degrees milder this morning than past mornings as clouds are beginning to stream across the region this morning.  Some spots will see some sunshine out of the gate -- briefly -- before today's system moves overhead but many others are going to be cloudy for the vast chunk of the day. The first fingers of that system are showing up on radar as of 5 AM with showers across Central Delaware and Extreme South Jersey -- those showers will stay south this morning, with additional showers farther west on track to reach the region later this afternoon.

The best chance for steadier showers later on will be to our south -- generally South Jersey and Delaware -- but any one location stands the chance of getting wet later on today.  It won't be a total washout and rainfall amounts will be rather modest but just be aware you might be getting showered upon later on.

Highs today will be cooler south than around Philly -- might only get to around 60 in Delaware and Cape May County...with lower to mid 60's around the Philly region on north.  We're pegging 65 for Philadelphia based on it being dry for a chunk of the day and temperatures starting near 50 in the city.   Winds will be light today...won't be the case tomorrow as this low helps fire up the wind machine tomorrow afternoon around town in its wake.