Thursday, April 19, 2012

Starting Damp, Trending Bright

Lots of sprinkles and some light showers fell in spots last night -- and they are lingering around early this morning across Delaware and along the South Jersey coastline.  They are slowly pulling away, so the vast majority of the day should be dry for all and even along the coast a damp start should trend dry pretty quickly.

Today's temperature forecast is dependent on sunshine breaking out in late morning, which it should do for Philly and points northwest.  Clouds may be slowest to clear south and east of town thanks to a southerly flow off of the Atlantic, which will help slow the clearing process due to additional atmospheric moisture.  That said, even South Jersey and Delaware should trend into some sunshine by midday and into mostly sunny by this afternoon.  Temperatures this afternoon will range from 65 or so along the coast to 70 from 295 on northwest.  It wouldn't surprise if a few spots in Pennsylvania got above 70 this afternoon as sunshine will appear first to our northwest.  All in all, a nicer day today than yesterday...with temperatures that will be warmer as well.