Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Step Down In Temps & Wind

Early morning temperatures across the region are mainly in the 40's, with some lower 50's still hugging the coast at 4 AM.  Skies feature a few clouds across the region but mostly clear skies at this point in time as most of the clouds from earlier last evening have pushed off the coast.

Today is shaping up as a slightly cooler and less windy version of yesterday.  While it will still be breezy if not at times windy, with wind gusts to 35 miles per hour, the potential for widespread 40 and spotty 50 mile per hour gusts will be limited as wind energy in the atmosphere will be a touch less robust.  Temperatures will also be a few degrees cooler as well, thanks to additional clouds in the sky and the presence of slightly cooler air aloft and at the surface.  Highs should reach 60 or just above that in Philly and points south/east, with upper 50's or 60 the likely high in the northern and western burbs.

A shower or sprinkle can't be ruled out, especially north and northwest of town, thanks to the cold pool of air aloft.  However, the atmosphere is dry at the surface so it may be more a matter of showers not reaching the ground...or merely reaching as sprinkles...than us actually seeing more than that.  The dry beat marches on and with gusty winds the potential for more brush and grass fires will continue today through the region.