Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tonight's Showers...Not A Huge Issue But It Is Rain!

As we transition from April to June with the passage of a warm front through the region tonight, we stand to see our best chance of showers and thunder over the next week as the frontal passage on Tuesday evening may be a dry passage when all is said and done (the thunder threat with the front on Tuesday looks to be waning quite a bit).  The rains associated with tonight will work through the region generally between 12 Midnight and 9 AM (first graphic below is Midnight, second is 8 AM projections from a higher resolution version of the NAM), steadier to our north and lighter to our south.

A few rumbles of thunder are possible in spots but a widespread bout of heavy thunderstorms is not likely.  These showers will pass on through the region, dropping around a tenth of an inch for Philly, as much as a quarter inch of rain north of town, less than a tenth south of town overnight, but will usher in the warmer airmass that we'll "enjoy" for Sunday afternoon through Tuesday as temperatures jump into the 80's.

Showers should clear out by 9 AM in most spots tomorrow, with the balance of the day transitioning to sunny and then warmer as we work into the afternoon.  If we can clear out relatively early on, 80 should be do-able in spots tomorrow afternoon.  The question is how quick we clear the clouds out...the models are trending towards a slower departure of cloud cover and it might be a bit tough to make 80 to the city's north and east...still, 70's for many, 80's for some is getting warmer.