Monday, April 09, 2012

Warmest March On Record For US

NOAA officially reports what is more or less already known -- March 2012 was the warmest in modern climate record in the United States.  The national average temperatures for this past March was 51.1 degrees, or 8.6 degrees above the 20th Century average temperature and a half degree warmer than the previous record warmest March (1910).

 Not only was this the warmest March on record, it was the second biggest monthly departure for any month on record as well -- only January 2006 (another very warm month) had a more anomalous warm departure.  Fully half of the 50 states had their warmest March as well -- and another six had their second warmest...that's over 60% of the states and a large chunk of real estate.  During the month of March, 15,272 warm temperature records were set (7755 highs, 7517 warm lows) and 21 low temperatures during the month of March surpassed the record high for the particular date in different locations throughout the US.

In terms of rainfall, the national average was above normal by about a third of an inch, but the East Coast was one of the drier spots in the country...along with the Plains and Rockies.  New Jersey recorded its 10th driest March on record, Delaware its 6th driest month on record.

Philadelphia recorded its 2nd warmest March on record and its 4th driest March on record this year.

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