Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Warmth, Just Not Uber Warmth

Yesterday's push towards 90 materialized for some...others merely had to suck it up and enjoy 88 or 89 degrees for a high as we approached or broke records that many locations last set in 2002.  The byproduct of yesterday's warmth is a warm start to today.  A "cool" front is crossing the region from west to east early today with little more than a wind shift and a few clouds with it.  Given the wind shift, the vast majority of us won't be as warm today as high temperatures will "only" get into the middle 70's in Philly, perhaps upper 70's in South Jersey and Delaware this afternoon.  The Shore probably eeks out a warmer day today compared to yesterday thanks to the lack of a sea breeze but for most everyone else today looks to be 10-15 degrees cooler than Monday...but still significantly above average for mid April.

With gusty breezes from the northwest that could reach 30 miles per hour, the potential returns from some brush fires as dew point levels drop into the 30's later on today.  Red flag warnings are out as any fire that starts could move quick.

By the way, it has been warmer than 90ish on mid April.  Today's record high is 95 degrees, set in 2002.  Thankfully, we won't hit that.