Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weather Rewind: April 15-21, 2012

Temperatures last week averaged out to eleven degrees above average -- likely the last time we'll be this warm for a while as temperatures over the coming seven days will be much more like early April than late May.   You can thank the three 80 degree days that the region coaxed out of Sunday, Monday, and Saturday...and near 80 on Tuesday...and above average temperatures through the rest of the week as evidence to support how warm the region was.  The 89 degree high on Tuesday, while not a record in Philadelphia, was our warmest temperature so far this year...with record highs (and 90+ degree heat) in a number of other locations around the region.

Rainfall last week was centered around Wednesday evening showers -- a trace to as much as a tenth of an inch from those, as well as the cold front on Saturday night that brought showers and storms on the order of a tenth to a half inch of rain depending on location.

Year-to-date, Philadelphia has picked up four days of 80 or warmer temperatures.  That's not the most we've seen in any one year through April 21st.  1945 had eight such days, 1941 had seven.  However, it is the most we've seen in a year since 2010 (also four to this point), with the last time we exceeded four at this point in the year back in 2002.  The "lack" of 80 degree days in a really warm year so far doesn't mean much...but it does show that it can and has been much warmer in the past...just not in longer duration.