Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weather Rewind: April 22nd-28th, 2012

The last full week of April behaved much more like the last full week of March as temperatures were 6.1 degrees below average, our largest temperature departure for any week since late October.  Our cool regime was brought to us by a cold core trough in Eastern Canada that helped keep the Eastern US on the chilly side of things...not to mention battling occasional forays of showers.

That trough was set up by a coastal storm that soaked the region on Sunday with nearly two inches of rain -- also buoyed by reinforced shots of cool on Thursday night with a low pressure center that tracked through the Great Lakes.  Our high of 50 on Monday was the coldest we had been since the end of March...and the week's average temperature was more "typical" for a month ago and not late April.

Nationally, heat has been common across the Plains and Rockies this month -- records have been set in Oklahoma and Texas for monthly high temperatures as a ridge of high pressure has controlled the weather across the Plains and Southwest for much of the month, with occasional forays of heat into the East and Northeast (such as the mid month onslaught of near 90 degree weather).