Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weather Rewind, April 8-14 2012

Temperatures last week averaged out to 1.9 degrees above normal for the second week of April -- with Sunday and Saturday bookending the warmth for the most part as high temperatures both days exceeded 70 degrees, with Saturday the warmest of the week.  The big stories for the week were wind -- every day except for Friday was at least breezy if not outright windy thanks to the presence of low pressure over Canada for the first five days of the week combined with high pressure parking off of the Carolinas and setting up a warmer southwest flow for Saturday.  Friday was probably the most calm day of the week.

Rainfall was minimal -- most spots got nothing, Philly picked up a trace.  Showers moved through the region on Wednesday and Thursday in the cold upper level pattern thanks to that low in Eastern Canada and its associated trough.  We have picked up a whopping 0.33" of rain for the month so far.

Temperatures nationally reflect the continuing warm meme that was running rampant in March -- not quite as warm as last month compared to average but the center of the country is where the warmth currently resides as temperatures are running as much as ten degrees above normal through the Plains.  Cooler temperatures continue to reside on the West Coast, with California particularly cooler than average overall.  The central warm pattern helped in the development of the storm system that brought over 100 reports of tornadoes to the Plains on Saturday, with one cell hitting the Wichita, KS, area particularly hard.