Sunday, April 01, 2012

Weather Rewind, March 25-31 2012

Temperatures last week averaged out to 1.7 degrees above average last week -- our coolest week in a while -- as reality returned to the Delaware Valley after a two week sojourn into May-like weather.  Despite a freeze in many spots on Tuesday mornings, most flowering trees seem to have survived the freeze with little impact (at least in my backyard and in the areas I've traveled).  Temperatures did vacillate a bit over the course of the week -- starting and ending cool, with a mild midweek in the middle as we had mild southwesterly breezes on Wednesday boosting temperatures into the middle and upper 60's around the region.  That warmth continued into the wee hours of Thursday while a cool front crossed the region and slapped us back to more typical weather for this time of the year.

Showers and thunderstorms late on Friday night and early Saturday morning may have awakened a number of us while they provided the lion's share of rainfall for the region this past week -- 0.27".

As you saw earlier today, this was the warmest March on record for many of us -- and that record warmth extends throughout much of the Great Lakes and Midwest as temperatures for March 2012 will shape up as close to the record for warmest March ever as far west as the Plains and even down into the Ohio Valley.  Temperature departures in the Midwest last month were even higher than they were around here, running as high as 15 or 16 degrees above average in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, and countless other major climate locations set warmest March records as well.