Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wednesday Winds

A couple of showers crossed the region overnight in association with a weak frontal boundary -- this front has little moisture, not a lot of dynamics with it, but it is a wind shift line and will veer our breezes back around to the north and northwest for later on today.   While skies are cloudy now, sunshine will gradually take over as those clouds are pushed to the south and southeast with the front departing the region....and we should be mostly sunny by late morning in much of the region.

With the sunshine, we will take our mild start and push afternoon highs towards 70 degrees this afternoon.  Wouldn't surprise me to see some lower 70's in Delaware and South Jersey as well.  If it weren't for the gusty northwest breezes at 12-20 miles per hour, gusting to near 30 at times, the niceness factor would be off the charts.  Still, with the breezy conditions, a nice day is expected in the Delaware Valley.

Cooler weather returns tomorrow but it won't be anything unusual for early April -- and the trend of "nice weather" continues into the weekend.