Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunny Inland/Clouds Coastal Areas

Yet another beautiful day is on tap for the region.  We'll see lots of sunshine, with a cool breeze off the ocean, making for very pleasant conditions with low humidity.  Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70's for much of the region.

The lone exception will be coastal areas of southern New Jersey and most of Delaware.  There is currently a weak low-pressure area about 150 miles southeast of Cape May, NJ.  This is bringing clouds to those area this morning.  Its currently drifting westerly, so the clouds should remain in place for much of the day and as we go into the afternoon, with mostly cloudy skies, but some peaks of sun from time to time.  It remains to be seen how far north the cloud shield will get and we'll have to watch and see if they make there way further north and inland.  Don't expect areas north and west of the city to see clouds, if any, and will remain mainly sunny.

Temperatures will also be a few degrees cooler in coastal areas with the onshore flow and clouds and is possible that upper 60's will be the highs in those regions. Can't rule out a shower or two as well.