Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April 2012 By The Numbers

April 2012 ended up above average on temperatures but not by a lot -- just 1.6 degrees now that the final data is in, with nine straight days of below average temperatures to close out the month in the longest normal/below normal stretch since the end of October and beginning of November.   What was shaping up as one of the warmer Aprils on record at the halfway point ended up featuring the smallest temperature anomaly to "normal" since October 2011.

The final average temperature of 55.6 degrees was just 3.4 degrees warmer than our March temperature, which ended up being just the fifth smallest shift in warmth from March to April on record in Philly.

Impressive considering we were over four degrees above average after the mid month heat spike.

Rainfall ended up totaling 2.55" for the month, about an inch below normal...the fourth straight month below average in terms of rainfall for Philly.   Year-to-date, Philadelphia is running at 60% on total rainfall and with a deficit of over five inches.  Despite the two inches of rain we picked up a week ago last Sunday, the month featured next-to-no additional rainfall...continuing the dry meme around here.